What is Junifall?

Junifall is a symbol.
June stands for the heights of the annual cycle, when Nature blossoms to its fullest and Life, in abundance, is growing to its richest.
In these moments, when one realizes that everything except for oneself is perfect, that oneself is the only thing that is not living to its own fullest, that is when one falls.
Junifall is fundamental to the human experience.
Junifall is Essence to Art.

Who stands behind Junifall?

Jonas Waldow is the creating Artist behind Junifall.
Jonas finished his studies in Music-Composition at ArtEZ Conservatory, Netherlands in 2018. Since then he has been travelling throughout Europe and India, developing his own approach on Art, rooted in spiritual values, his love for nature and the curious phenomenon of consciousness.
His ways of expression are no longer limited to music only. The following disciplines are amongst those he is currently practicing and/or sharing:

  • Didgeridoo Crafting, Performance & Teaching
  • Music Composition & Production
  • Visual Arts

Social Media Presence

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